Aquablue Charters Safety Brief

‘Your Safety and Having A Great Time Are our Concerns’

At Aquablue Charters we take 2 things very seriously

  1. That you are safe on our cruises
  2. That you have a great time on our cruises

We do feel it necessary to make sure all guests are aware of some simple safety guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety, so we do ask that you take the next 1 minute to have a read over this page, as it will make sure that everyone has a fantastic time aboard the Aquablue Charters cruise.

Pick Up & Drop Off:

There are a number of different pick up and drop off points around the harbour, so please make sure you know the right one and are there 10 – 15 minutes before hand to ensure we get away on time.

Boat Safety Requirements:

Aquablue Charters uses a number of different boats that all have their own safety equipment and procedures. When you board the boat please ensure you know where lifejackets are and remember the boat captain and crew’s instructions are to be followed at all times.

Emergency Procedure:

In the event of an emergency the boat captain and the crew will direct all passengers on evacuation procedures. You are required to follow these instructions.

Boat Sickness:

If while on the cruise you become sick, please see a crew member immediately for medical attention.

Bar Closure:

On all Aquablue Charters the bar will close 15 minutes prior to finish time

Footwear & Clothing:

Footwear is required on Aquablue Charters and please dress accordingly to the weather, the wind and chill can be greater on the water than on the land.